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Dr. Christopher Timmermann on Psychedelics and Their Role on the Spiritual Path

Christopher Timmermann

Join the neuroscientist Christopher Timmermann in a wide-ranging discussion about psychedelics and their role on the spiritual path, as well as in preparing for the end of life. How can these agents be used to remove the fear of death, and how do they relate to near-death experiences? Is it true to say that death is a psychedelic journey? Chris shows us how we can find death in life’s experiences, and how the psychedelic trip and death are both processes of radical deconstruction. If someone is afraid of death, what’s the best way to use these agents? Is duality and the sense of self a construct, and is this what falls apart in reports of ego dissolution with psychedelics? Do these drugs also construct experiences, and are the experiences merely comforting delusions? How do we know the experiences are true?

Dr. Timmermann talks about the “entropic brain,” and the heightened connectivity that takes place with psychedelics. Are psychedelic experiences due to a reduction in brain activity (the “reducing valve”), or an enhancement of brain activity? Chris talks about the importance of “set and setting,” how these substances can be used to explore the nature of mind and reality, and the promise and peril of the psychedelic renaissance. What are the contra-indications for using these medicines, and where do “false memories” fit in? The conversation turns to the importance of preparation and integration, and how to avoid becoming a “state junkie.” How does one transform states into traits? What is “psychedelic-assisted meditation practice,” and how valuable is psychedelic apprenticeship? Chris discusses the clinical and therapeutic implications of his research, and why he is so excited about the future of this field. See why Dr. Timmermann is one of the brightest voices in this cutting-edge field of scientific research.

About Dr. Christopher Timmermann:

From Imperial College London website. Christopher Timmermann (PhD) obtained a BSc in Psychology in Santiago, Chile and an MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Bologna in Italy. He is currently a post-doc at Imperial College London at the Centre for Psychedelic Research, where he leads the DMT Research Group, specialized in the potent psychedelics N,N-DMT and 5-MeO-DMT and their effects in the human brain and consciousness. His empirical and theoretical work focuses on the neuroscience, psychiatry, psychology, pharmacology, beliefs and ethics of psychedelics, their relationship to consciousness and applications in mental health. His work has been covered in BBC, CBC, Wired, The Times, New Scientist, and is a columnist for Psychology Today

Inside the Podcast
Psychedelics and consciousness with neuroscientist Christopher Timmerman.
Psychedelics and consciousness with Chris Bache.
Psychedelics and near-death experiences.
Altered states of consciousness and their potential to reveal fundamental truths.
Psychedelics, consciousness, and brain entropy.
Psychedelics, chaos theory, and personal growth.
Psychedelics, brain activity, and spiritual experiences.
Using psychedelics to ease death anxiety.
Psychedelics, deconstruction, and reification.
Psychedelics, liminal spaces, and mind manifestation.
Using psychedelics to explore mind and reality.
Psychedelic therapy potential risks and benefits.
Psychedelics, integration, and spiritual growth.
Psychedelic-assisted meditation and its benefits.
Psychedelic experiences and their neural signatures.
Psychedelic research and its potential for mental health treatment.

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