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Sean Esbjörn-Hargens on How Exo Studies Leads to Endo (inner) Discoveries

Note: This is the second of two conversations Andrew had with Sean Esbjörn-Hargens on Exo Studies.
Join the polymath Sean Esbjörn-Hargens in a rich exploration of how Exo Studies – the study of what is outside our normal sense of reality ­­– leads to Endo (inner) discoveries. What is the relationship between inside and outside, and just how psychoactive is the Exo view? Sean talks about being constantly defeated by larger views of reality, and the importance of Right View in opening ourselves to seeing so much more of the world. We are highly contracted beings, afflicted by all manner of centricities, held under the rubric of ego-centricity. Exo studies is integral to the path of Opening Up, and expanding our horizons and potentials into dazzling new dimensions. What is the role of the subtle body, and how many subtle bodies do we have? Are these subtle bodies inside the gross body, outside of it, or both? The relationship of the subtle body to the unconscious mind is explored, and how things like mantra and visualization work to transform the subtle body. How about shadow work in relationship to these subtle bodies? Where does Bardo Yoga fit into Exo studies, and how about the central role of emptiness? Is it dangerous to explore these inner dimensions and states of consciousness; where does protection come into play?

Sean talks about the trikaya (“three-body”) principle of Buddhism, and the “interstate commerce” that we can open between all three bodies: gross, subtle, and causal. All this study and practice is about establishing intimacy with reality, and creating a “united states” of consciousness. The conversation turns to the psychedelic renaissance taking place, and how we can use these agents for healing and wholing. Growth occurs through differentiation and integration, and opening the aperture of our awareness to encompass this Wild Kosmos. We live in a multidimensional multiverse, full of magic and wonder. Exo studies shows us how can we become a meta-person, or super-experiencer, and open to these wonders. This is real Edge of Mind material, sure to leave stretch marks on your mind.

About Sean Esbjörn-Hargens PhD (from
Sean is a global leader in the application of integrative thinking to leader development, organizational design, and mixed-methods design. In 2011 he founded MetaIntegral a social impact network that supports change leaders around the world in applying integrative principles. Sean’s passion lies at the intersection of design, integral theory, and embodiment. He has published and edited numerous articles, chapters, and books. His most recent book is Metatheory for the Twenty-first Century.

The MA/PhD Program Sean runs which includes a concentration in Anomalous Studies for interested students – The School of Integral Noetic Sciences:
Sean’s websites:

Inside the Podcast
How would bio-semiotics change the way we think about interiority?
Intro to bio-semiotics.
The relationship of exo studies to endo studies.
Categories of doubleness.
Intellectual and emotional resistance.
The path of luminosity and emptiness.
Defeat is the end of progress.
The prescriptive relationship between psychic abilities and sports.
The subtle bodies and how to activate them.
It’s not rocket science.
How does death fit into meditation?
The role of the dead and the subtle body.
Cultivating the subtle body.
How does the dual aspect approach come into play?
Practice for dealing with subtle body processes.
The difference between the physical body and the unconscious.
The center of the buddhist mandala.
Psychedelics and the wild cosmos.
Difference between phenomenological subtle body and anatomical physiological body.
Will there ever be a way to measure spiritual energetics?
How does healing take place?
The power of differentiation and integration.
Intimacy with reality.

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