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Ben Williams Offers a Dazzling Overview of the Main Schools of Hinduism

See why Professor Ben Williams is a brilliant light in the yogic and intellectual traditions.

Join Andrew and Ben Williams for a dazzling overview of the main schools of Hinduism, emphasizing Advaita Vedanta, Saiva Tantra and Kashmir Saivism. Discover where the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali fit in, and classic Sankhya Philosophy. Learn about deity principle, and an inner look at the power of mantra.

The discussion then turns to what these wisdom traditions can do for us today, especially in terms of helping us with COVID 19. What are the everyday application of these ancient traditions? Professor Ben Williams is a unique blend of scholar-practitioner, who walks the talk and shares the immediate and practical applications of these wisdom traditions. Anything is workable, and can be brought to the path – even accelerating the path – if it is related to properly. How does understanding the levels of identity help us with difficult situations? And what are the skillful means offered by these traditions that help us work with others?  Dr. Ben Williams then turns to a deep look at beauty, and the cosmic play (lila) of reality – even when that play turns into a tragedy.

The discussion closes with a look at some of the powerful lessons that are being pointed out with the coronavirus; how deeply interconnected human animals are to the animal kingdom and the biosphere; the decentering of all our contracting centrisms; and the clarion call – the harsh wake-up call — being presented with the virus. See why Professor Ben Williams is a brilliant light in the yogic and intellectual traditions, and be ready for a warm surprise with his concluding comments about the open heart.

About Ben Williams

Dr. Ben Williams is an intellectual historian focused on Indian religions and the history of Śaiva tantra. He has received extensive training in Indian philosophy, literature, and aesthetics in Sanskrit sources. Ben Williams received a BA in Religious Studies from the University of Vermont, a Masters in Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School, and completed his PhD in the Department of South Asian Studies at Harvard University. He currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Hinduism at Naropa University, where he has recently co-created a low-residency MA program in Yoga Studies that will launch in fall 2020. Ben Williams also serves on the academic advisory council of the Muktabodha Indological Research Institute, which is dedicated to the preservation of scriptural and philosophical texts of classical India.
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