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Fariba Bogzaran in a Heartwarming Exploration of the Wonders of the Nocturnal Mind

Fariba Bogzaran shares her unique clinical work with dreaming, and the importance of “unfolding” instead of interpreting our dreams.

Join the artist/scientist and elite lucid dreamer Fariba Bogzaran in a rigorous and heartwarming exploration of the wonders of the nocturnal mind. Dr. Bogzaran shares her unique clinical work with dreaming, and the importance of “unfolding” instead of interpreting our dreams. “Dreaming is the art of the mind,” she asserts, and working properly with a single dream as a dream artist can take up to a year as we examine it from multiple angles. How do we identify the “big dreams,” and which dreams can we ignore? Why is dream journaling so important? Dr. Fariba Bogzaran describes Integral Dreaming and the power of Integral Dream Practice. Where do synchronicities and flow states fit in, and what is the difference between reflexive and reflective approaches to dreams? Where does bodywork, and “felt sense” come into play? Can we let our body interpret/unfold our dreams? Fariba Bogzaran discusses why motivation is so important in lucid dreaming, and how we are each “projects in the making.” What is epistemic uncertainty, and how can we enter the “zone” of life with a deeper understanding of will and Will. Dr. Fariba Bogzaran shares a number of personal reflections about life, death, dreams, and everything in between. Discover why Fariba Bogzaran is one of the treasured voices in the dream world, and a major contributor to the art and science of lucid dreaming.

About Dr. Fariba Bogzaran

Fariba Bogzaran, Ph.D., scientist/artist, founded the first graduate dream studies certificate program at JFK University in Berkeley (1996), where she taught for over twenty years. She has taught lucid dreaming since 1984 and was part of the team at the Stanford Sleep Laboratory in late 1980’s exploring the science of lucid dreaming.  She conducted the first quantitative research on the transpersonal experiences in lucid dreaming; Experiencing the Divine in Lucid Dream State (1989). Among many of her publications are two major co-authored academic books on dreams: Extraordinary Dreams and How to Work with Them (2002) and Integral Dreaming: A Holistic Approach to Dreams (2012), both published by the State University of New York Press. Among her recent art publications she addresses arts and exploration of consciousness in a book called: Gordon Onslow Ford: A Man on the Green Island (2019).

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